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Irrespective of what type of business website you operate, emailing is something that’s always been and will continue to be one of the most crucial aspects of every successful online business venture. If you own a WordPress site then you’re surely in luck, else it’s time for you to switch from the plain HTML to WordPress theme for better email management. In this article, I’ll be talking about the easy-to-use and highly scalable WordPress features that play a vital role in empowering the process of handling your website’s emails.

What makes emailing a crucial element of every flourishing corporate website?

Emailing offers you the ease of connecting with your potential consumers. Planning and executing an email marketing strategy is something that can help you increase conversions, sales and build a better brand awareness. To make things clearer, I’ve segregated the benefits of emailing within the pointers mentioned below:

  • Building a trustworthy brand name– As a corporate professional, sending personalized emails to subscribers can always allow you to depict your company’s authenticity. You can ask questions and respond to people’s queries, thereby connecting with them to establish a good rapport and credibility.
  • Drive sales– Driving maximum sales is the prime goal of every business website. Direct marketing done through emailing acts as an excellent tool for brand promotion.
  • Maximize ROI(Return on Investment)– Email marketing has come up as an excellent tool for maximizing your return on investment. Sharing business information via emails allows you to save the costs of running real-time advertising campaigns.

Transform HTML to WordPress for improved email handling

Converting HTML to WordPress theme allows you to manage your site’s emails in a better and much more organized manner. WordPress’ fancy function called wp_mail() takes care of all the intricacies attached with emailing. You may choose to handle custom emails by modifying the “From” field for specific business emails.

WordPress sends plain-text emails by default

By default, WordPress users can send plain-text mails. If you want to accommodate all the fancy images, effects within your emails, you need to tell the wp_mail() function to use the HTML format. You may do this by setting up a custom “From” name and “From” email address, to make the email look great in every recipient’s inbox. Here’s a code that can be used for making your emails look fancy:

add_filter (“wp_mail_content_type”, “my_awesome_mail_content_type”);
function my_awesome_mail_content_type() {
return “text/html”;

add_filter (“wp_mail_from”, “my_awesome_mail_from”);
function my_awesome_mail_from() {
return “hithere@myawesomesite.com”;

add_filter (“wp_mail_from_name”, “my_awesome_mail_from_name”);
function my_awesome_email_from_name() {
return “MyAwesomeSite”;
Sending Emails programmatically

WordPress makes it easy to send email programmatically using the wp_mail API. You just need to gather the following information:

  • A “TO” address
  • A “From” address
  • The subject line of the email
  • The actual message

Once you’ve collected the above details, just include the below coding (it’s as per my example of a WordPress email):

$message = ‘Hey There,';
$message .= ‘< p >';
$message .= ‘Your account has been created. Your login information is below:';
$message .= ”;
$message .= ‘< p >';
$message .= ‘< ul >';
$message .= ‘< li >Username: ‘ . $email_address . ”;
$message .= ‘< li >Password: ‘ . $password . ”;
$message .= ”;
$message .= ”;
$message .= ‘< p >';
$message .= ‘You can login to the application < a href=” http://YourAddress.com / “>here.';
$message .= ‘< p >';

After including the above code, make sure to set up the appropriate filter using the text/html content type. The function for this will be:

add_filter( ‘wp_mail_content_type’, create_function( ”, ‘return “text/html”;’ ) );

Hope by now the trending concept of handling emails in WordPress must have become clearer to you. I’m sure you’ll choose transformation of HTML to WordPress theme for better performance of your website and in a way your online business endeavor.

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